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Where is my cargo? ¿ donde esta mi carga ?

If you know who is the main carrier of your cargo, write here part of the name and choose from the list

we offer sea, air, road, railway freights and we agent NVOCC, loads, ships, aircraft, road vehicles, customs shipments and much more, we still provide advice in your commercial exercise with trade in exercise with exterior business.

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We have more than 25 years of experience in the export and import market, in the most different types of transport, and a certainty, the passion for what we do.


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We offer efficiency and speed in the transportation of your cargo.

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  • We have extensive market experience to better serve you.
  • One of our values is credibility.
  • Security in all tax procedures.
  • Professionalism and Trust.


We serve all ports in the world and, through our partners, we can raise all port, extra-port and customs fees worldwide.

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About us

With more than 25 years of experience dedicated to the international transport business, through its creator Mr. Cleval Roberto Santos DINAVIX can guarantee to its client and partner, seriousness and comfort in the development of its services.

In its operational framework, a team of highly qualified and qualified professionals, carries out an assessment of the real needs of each client, providing them with the most appropriate operational alternative, which will provide the optimization of their business. Among the skills offered are cargo transport logistics services in their various modes, customs clearance, ship charters, air and sea agencies, NVOCC and its related activities and international insurance.

Also facilitating your company's relations with Customs in dealing with the nationalization and / or export of your goods and still looking for the best international insurance rates to guarantee and protect your cargo. So, feel free to get to know our company and all the services we can offer.

Freight forwarding; Shipping agencies; Ship chartering; Multimodal transport; Road transport; NVOCC; Customs clearance; Cost auditing; Import advice; Baggage (Changes) and Documentation, registration and registration with the inspection agencies.

This Know How will give you the peace of mind of those who are working right with the right company.

Ports of the World

The DINAVIX company provides the most updated possible list of ports around the world.

Freight Forwarding


Agency, boarding, disembarking, finally, offering viable and attractive conditions for your company in the various modes of national and international transport.

Choose one of the options below, and we will return with the best freight, or we will open a door for you to negotiate directly with the carrier or shipper.


With the facilities presented by the NVOCC (non-vessel owning common carrier) system DINAVIX , it can offer competitive freight, “just in time” monitoring from the shipment of your cargo , with FCL / LCL freight. In the "All in" package (Freight + Customs Clearance + Ground Transportation) you can receive your cargo at home without bureaucracy.

The extensive knowledge of port legislation and standards allows us to provide the most complete service to your needs.

  • FCL / LCL loads
  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation of sea and air cargo
  • National and international transport logistics solutions.
  • Door to Door Services
  • Projects and Loads

Ship Agency

We have vast knowledge in ship management and sufficient credibility to guarantee you a shipowner or representative, a service with quality and honesty expected by all involved, making sure of your satisfaction, both in protective and operational agency.

Consult us.

Customs Dispatch

In Customs Dispatch, DINAVIX facilitates its relations with Customs by speeding up the process of clearing its goods.

You importing DINAVIX delivers your nationalized merchandise to its final destination anywhere in Brazil. Exporting to DINAVIX collects your cargo, stores and clears it without complications.

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Do you want to return or come to Brazil?
Please note the following facts:

Accreditation and qualification with Brazilian customs:

Documents required for Brazilians returning to Brazil:
  • 1 - Original passport and certified copies of all passport pages, including blank ones.
  • 2 - Statement by the Brazilian consulate or embassy stating that you have lived outside of Brazil for more than 1 year.
  • 3 - Certified copy of the declarant's ticket (this ticket must have the boarding pass at the same place where the luggage left).
  • 4 - List of belongings (with notarized signature)
  • 5 - Address in Brazil
  • 6 - CPF updated
  • 7 - Power of Attorney for the Customs Broker.

Restrictions: The following should not be included in the baggage:
  • 1 - Motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, motorized bicycles, among others)
  • 2 - Medicines
  • 3 - Quantity of goods that characterize commercial intent

  • - If the goods come in boxes, uniforms we can try to reduce the spawning value of the container.
  • - If we are able to complete the accreditation in less than 5 working days, we can reduce the storage time to 10 to 20 days, consequently reducing the cost of storage. To do so, we need to obtain all the necessary documentation for the proper accreditation as soon as the applicant arrives.

With these measures we can reduce several expenses.

For foreigners trying to live in Brazil or on a temporary work visa. (V5)
  • 1-Passport with registration with the Federal Police for temporary visa (Max 90 days)
  • 2-Declaration that intends to reside in Brazil,
  • 3-Protocol for applying for a temporary work visa in Brazil
  • 4-CPF updated,
  • 5-Certified copies of all passport pages
  • 6-Admission visa to the Federal Police
  • 7-Address in Brazil or, tax all luggage at 50%, provided that it is authorized by the Federal Police, its entry into Brazil until obtaining a permanent visa.

NOTE: For this case, we will necessarily have to request authorization to issue a "Temporary Admission Term", until a permanent visa is obtained in Brazil. Conditions for nationalization and / or release of your luggage
  • 1-Be duly qualified in the SISCOMEX (Brazilian customs system).
  • 2-Present all the documentation required above
  • 3-Present bill of lading to the baggage owner

For a better analysis of costs and expenses, please send to our e-mail: dinavix@dinavix.com.br or to our wattsapp: +55 (27) 9 9222 5692 , copy of BL (bill of lading) and a list of belongings with values.

Hoping to assist in the release of your luggage, we are at your entire disposal.

Welcome to Brazil!!!