Do you want to return or to come to Brazil???

Please look at the following facts:
Of the accreditation and qualification close to customs of Brazil:

Necessary documents
For Brazilians returning to Brazil:

1 - original passport and copies authenticated of all the leaves of the passport, besides the in white
2 - declaration of the consulate or Brazilian embassy informing that you lived out of Brazil for more than 1 year.
3 - authenticated copy of the ticket of the witness's passage (this ticket should have the embarkment in the same place from where left the luggage).
4 - it lists of belongings (with recognized firm)
5 - your address in Brazil
6 - updated CPF
7 - in accordance procurement

1 - self-driven vehicles (motorcycles, cars, bicycles motorized among other)
2 - medicines
3 - amount of goods that characterize commercial intention

- If the merchandise to come in uniform boxes, we can try to reduce the value of the spawning of the container.

- If we get to execute the accreditation in less than 5 useful days, we can reduce the time of storage for 10 to 20 days, consequently reducing the cost of the storage.
So much we need soon in the arrival of the petitioner to capture the whole necessary documentation for the due accreditation.
With these measures we can reduce several expenses.

For Foreigner trying residence in Brazil or with visa of temporary work. (V5)
1-passport with registration in the it polices Federal for temporary visa (Max 90 days)
2-declaration that intends to live in Brazil,
3-protocol of the request of visa of temporary work in Brazil
4-CPF updated,
5-copy authenticated of all to pages of the passport
6-seen of admission in the Federal Policeman
7-address in Brazil or, to tax the whole luggage in 50%, since it is authorized for the it Polices Federal, the entrance of the same in Brazil the obtaining of the permanent visa.

PS: For this case, unavoidably we will have to request the authorization for emission of "Term of temporary admission", until that the permanent visa of Brazil is gotten

Conditions for nationalization and/or liberation of his/her luggage
1-To be properly enabled in SISCOMEX ( custom's system on Brazil).
2-To present the whole documentation above demanded
3-To present blanding of the embarkment consigned the owner of the luggage

For better analysis of the costs and expenses, we kindly requests you to send us for the e-mail: or for our fax: 00 55 027 33225991 copy of embarkment BL and list of belongings with values.

Wishing to be able to help you in the liberation of his/her luggage, we are in his/her whole disposal.

Be well coming to Brazil.